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Your blood all green,
To see it, I am keen!
It is my caramel, thick and juicy,
Oh the taste makes me feel dizzy!
Your guts all yellow,
Smelling so mellow!
They are my jelly, sweet and fluffy,
Oh the taste makes me feel dizzy!
Your bones all grey,
You are my prey!
They are my lollipops, sugary and sticky,
Oh their taste makes me feel dizzy!
Your meat, your flesh, all red,
You’re beautiful when you’re dead!
It is my candy, so soft and most importantly,
Its taste makes me feel so dizzy, oh so dizzy!
Every body part melts on my tongue,
So flavorful, so lushly, so strong!
Please give me more, give me everything you can!
Please surrender your body to me, Candy man!
I grave you, every part of you, your whole body!
Oh the taste makes me orgasm, makes me feel dizzy!
:iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 4 3
Knife, tool and weapon to slice and cut!
Never let it slip your mind, a blade can kill!
I am scared of the blade, of it’s danger!
Fear it, respect it, for it is symbol and sign!
Edged and pointed, tool and weapon: Knife…
:iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 3 2
Crawling under my skin, worms, lively jerking and long…
Crawling under my skin, hate, burning hot and strong!
Crawling under my skin, larvaes, cheerfully eating my meat…
Crawling under my skin, disease, carrying me of my feet!
Crawling under my skin, parasites, robbing me of all my strength…
Crawling under my skin, doubt, preventing me from going to great lengths!
Crawling under my skin, bacteria, invisible death!
Crawling under my skin, fear of losing my life!
:iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 1 0
I was broken, I was corrupted,
I was dead, I was disrupted,
I was kaput, I was busted,
I was knackered, I was wasted,
I was going madly haywire, I was going insanely crazy,
I was going ham, I was a hazard for others safety!
But you repaired me, you put me back together,
You mended my wounds and made it all better!
You rearranged me!
You set me free!
You rearranged my broken mind,
When I was rude, you were kind!
You rearranged my broken body,
You rearranged everything so patiently!
:iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 2 0
Fear me!
Fear me for I am your enemy!
Fear me for I am going to hurt you!
Fear me for I am your destiny!
Fear me for I am going to break you!
Fear me for I am your reason of death!
Fear me for I am your reason of tears!
Fear me for I will end your very life!
Fear me for I am the only one that cares!
:iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 4 5
Tied up
Tied up by your gaze, your warm and wide smile,
Tied up by the sound of your soft and sweet voice,
Next to you my heart, I myself rejoice to be alive!
Every minute, every second spent with you is worthwhile!
Tied up by your smell, remembering me of long forgotten happiness,
Tied up by you gentle touch and by your tender skin,
When you’re with me, I’m as cheerily as I’ve never been!
Your mere existence, your mere presence makes me feel so blessed!
Tied up by your love, by your affection,
Tied up by your loudly beating heart,
I love you! In your love I find comfort!
And nothing will ever break our connection!
:iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 2 3
Mature content
New Life :iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 2 4
Mature content
Crushed :iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 0 0
Broken, shattered, splintered,
Dull and glowering pain,
This is not what I desired!
This disease, will it ever wane?
I live with broken bones, I live with constant fear,
I live with pain, I live with facing hindrances regularly!
The good and healthy days, I hold them dear!
But the bad and weak day outweigh them usually…
Broken, shattered, splintered,
Dull and glowering pain,
Help me for I am injured!
All precaution is in vain…
It always happens suddenly, it always happens fast,
It happens at day and during the night,
No one knows, how long the good days will last!
It’s a repetitive and difficult fight…
Broken, shattered, splintered,
Dull and glowering pain,
I am greatly frightened
And I fight and try to stay sane..
:iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 3 4
Mature content
Jumped :iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 1 0
Mature content
Beaten :iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 1 0
Mature content
What you did to me :iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 5 7
Mature content
Our Live! :iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 1 2
It’s the dawn of a new day,
It’s the end of a sleepless night,
It’s time for the wicked to pay!
People gather, for they have a spectacle in sight
Here they come, whipped by the mob,
Here they come, ready to die,
Here they come, ready for the deadly drop,
Here they come, the stars of the day!
There is a rope for each of them,
Onto the gallow with these sinners!
They’re evil, worthless scum!
They are wrondoers, thiefs and killers!
And the hatch snaps open,
The bodies fall and wiggle jauntily,
They are choking, their necks a broken,
The crowd cheers gleefully!
Thirteen sinners rightly smitten,
Thirteen souls punished like how it suited,
No regards for their rights were given!
Thirteen souls, human souls, executed!
:iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 3 0
Mature content
Drill :iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 0 0
Mature content
Like a monster :iconjaronigthmare:JaroNigthmare 1 0

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Nothing important to tell ^^' I'm a boring person with a boring life ;3

In the darkness you shine
Can you keep me safe tonight?
When I’m down on my knees
You are what I believe - Skillet


I know, Copics are expensive but they're worth the cost and the best present I can make to TatsuyaKuroda. But 10€ for thin air is way to much for me, who doesn't shit money. What the frickfrack fuckityfuckfuck is a minimum value addition? Because three pens are under 22€ I have to pay 5€ surcharge in addition to the shipping costs? And because only three of the 10 wanted pens are available I can't get over 22?
Other websites are even more expensive. If I could get all 10 Copics than the price would be way lower on that website I'm usually ordering but no, fuck you... oo
I got  tagged by TatsuyaKuroda to do this thing 
Hay Klecks Bear Emoji-31 (Hello Hi) [V2] 

1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character. 
3) Tag 8 others

Since I watched Iron Man today and some of the gadgets of his suits went into the making of Anima, I decided to think more about her a bit more.

1 First some old facts but hey: She can transform her soul into dead things. She has like unlimited suits she can send her soul to. Puppets, mechas, cyborgs, synthetic flesh-suits, some molded statues and such, equipped with weapons. 

2 Old fact 2: No one has ever seen her true body and form. But it's known that she is from the demon race of the Hectorians, a really small race as big as goblins.

3 Old fact 3: Her most used suit ist the Black Knight, a black mecha who uses small infinity reactors to power itself. It can accelerate to extremely high speed. He uses his thrust nozzles as shooting devices (That were Iron Man comes in on this), has a huge plasma cannon on his chest, two plasma swords and two small sabers. Also, he can fly. He need at least a bit sunlight to start, after that the reactors will keep him working forever.

4 To go into areas were no highly advanced technology is excisting, she uses wodden/metal dolls with simple mechanics like flick blades and poison

5 She made all her suits herself (except for the synthetic meat suits, for that she needed someone who can make artificial bodies) and crafted every weapon herself (Tony Stark much? But Anima was there before I watched IM, some of the things went into her because they fitted)

6 She likes milk and built all her suits to be able to perceive taste, smell and vision so she can join others in meals with her suits.

7 She is record holder for missions in uninhabitable areas

8 She is that one OC who would join the fight always with a flashy entrance at the right time. She literally joins battles with a boom

Now I have to tag 8 people!
I would like the following people to post 8 facts about a random OC of their own salome-chan999 WhiteArr0w Silvernight-Chan and uhm... I'm out of options so you three, I'm sorry, bear with me Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] 
  • Listening to: All kind of stuff
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  • Watching: SPN, HP and some Marvel
  • Playing: Plants vs Zombie 2: It's about time
  • Eating: Potatoes
  • Drinking: Everything fluid

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